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Ristorante Bar Aqua Nueva
Ristorante Bar Aqua Nueva
Ristorante Bar-Aqua Nueva
Ristorante Bar-Aqua Nueva
Ristorante Bar-Aqua Nueva
 Ristorante Bar Aqua Nueva
Ristorante Bar Attività locali

Aqua Nueva, Londra

Regno Unito
Regent Street  240
W1B 3BR Londra

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Presentazione, Aqua Nueva

Aqua is brought to us, 'concept' and all, from an upmarket chain based in Hong Kong. It occupies the top floor of what used to be the Dickins & Jones building, sandwiched between Regent Street and Argyll Street (home of waffle stalls, teen shoppers and 'Sister Act').

Dettagli, Aqua Nueva

Aqua's entrance, complete with red velvet drapes, is on tacky Argyll Street. A doorman checks if you have a reservation (we did, but he'd not been told) and then sends you to the lift. On the top floor, a gaggle of giggling girl greeters size you up as you leave the lift. It's not the most professional of starts. But Aqua aims to be an upmarket fine dining destination, vying with the likes of Nobu or Zuma.

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